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Rosebud is music industry's first Solar Powered facility >>

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Certified Green - The Rosebud Agency has been named among the first San Francisco businesses to become officially certified as a Green business. >>

JJ Cale track in Howard Stern movie

We could have headlined this item " JJ Cale's Cocaine in Howard Stern's Private Parts" but that would be a bit tacky wouldn't it? At any rate, it's true that Cale's classic hit was featured in Howard's hit movie. Watch for a JJ Cale anthology to be issued early this Summer.

Luther Allison's Gets Reckless - Handys appearance kicks off Summer US Tour

Luther Allison's new Reckless CD is getting strong airplay at AAA, College, NPR and especially blues radio. Luther appears at The W.C. Handy Blues Awards in Memphis in early May. Last year he swept the major awards there and he is once again the most nominated artist. His appearance at The Handys will kick off a summer full of dates across America.

People Magazine and New Orleans' Big Easy Awards declare BeauSoleil Best Cajun Group

BeauSoleil's L'Amour Ou La Folie was profiled in People as "Louisiana'a hottest export since Tabasco". In the meantime, the group came home winners again in New Orleans' Big Easy Awards for Best Cajun Group. This was BeauSoleil's eighth win in ten years - why only eight? - rules prevent any artist from winning the same award five years in a row!

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