released from RHINO HANDMADE

Loudon Wainwright III Atlantic Recordings Limited Release

Rhino Records has packaged Loudon Wainwright III's two Atlantic Recordings along with previously unreleased tracks for a special limited edition release available only online via Rhino Handmade.

Both Loudon Wainwright III and Album II have been out of print in the United States for more than twenty years (each was briefly reissued on album by Edsel Records in the UK about a decade ago) and neither has ever before been released on compact disc anywhere on Planet Earth.

The Archivists at The Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology have collected both of these Atlantic albums onto one compact disc, cleverly titled it The Atlantic Recordings, carefully remastered it from the original vault recordings and have, to boot, added one PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED track, "Drinking Song", which had been recorded and mixed to be originally included on 'Album II' but which didn't, in the end, make the final cut. In addition to reproducing all of the original albums' artwork, The Archivists have included the lyrics to every song and liner notes are provided by WAINWRIGHT's friend, poet and publisher Peter Fallon.

For LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III fans, The Atlantic Recordings will finally, and most happily, fill in the digital empty space in their collections. And for those just discovering LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III, it will provide an extraordinary introduction to his work and a delightful stepping stone from which to explore elsewhere.