"Forever a crusader for fun blues and rock 'n' roll, Bishop gives his cherry red 1959 Gibson ES 345 a hug and places emphasis on his terrific slide guitar chops…"
- Downbeat Magazine

"…he's as lively and sharp-witted as ever. No purist, he bends a variety of styles to his irrepressible personality…"
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Bishop's gnashing slide and cutting lead work slashes and saunters through blues, soul, boogie, funk, zydeco, gospel and doo-wop."
- Rhythms Magazine

"Németh's harp and Bishop's slide make beautiful old music beautiful again."
- Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Elvin Bishop's musical biography is no secret to anyone who has been into blues or rock music over the last forty years or so. Taken under the wing of renowned Chicago bluesman Little Smokey Smothers in the early '60s. Elvin explored new musical frontiers as a founding member of the original Paul Butterfield Blues Band through their groundbreaking years; fronted his own outfit by the late '60s on the rock ballroom and concert circuit; and scored a Top 10 radio hit in the '70s with "Fooled Around And Fell In Love" - Bishop has been a bona fide legend for decades. Along the way he's carved out a niche all his own, playing an appealing mix of rootsy rock & roll, R&B and barroom boogie, steeped in the heavy blues he learned from Little Smokey and so many others years ago.

So when a bunch of close friends who also happen to be consummate musicians are sequestered together, as they were when they were at sea on the 2010 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise, what else are they going to do but unite forces and create some truly exemplary music? Thankfully the tapes (or bytes) were rolling, and this wonderful musical experience was saved for posterity - and for Delta Groove Music. With the good vibes of a ship full of fellow music lovers to buoy the band, this is one of those performances where you really can hear that everyone was having a good time.

Over the course of their featured performance, Elvin shares the vocal mic with three hard-hitting vocal pros - blues veteran Finis Tasby, young turk John Németh, and Bishop's long-time bandmate and Bay Area legend, saxophonist Terry Hanck. They work their way through a strutting, soulful set of blues and R&B with the powerful grace of a veteran working outfit, perfectly highlighting the strengths of everyone involved. And it really is a "revue" in the classic sense of the term - various band members moving in and out of the spotlight for their featured numbers, a wide-ranging array of talents and styles represented, all presided over by the good-humored and congenial master of ceremonies Elvin Bishop. Along the way we're treated to swinging up-tempo R&B, low down blues, rootsy rock & roll, and a touch of gospel. Even a fantastic reworking of his chart-topping radio smash hit "Fooled Around And Fell In Love" is included featuring the wonderfully gifted and dynamic vocalist John Németh. In other words, more of the music that has come to be known as "Elvin Bishop music".