Positive Revolution - The B-Sides is a collection of songs from the earliest recordings of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. Once available as part of the original double disc album these "alternate" takes and original recordings were not released on Living Like a Refugee and have now become collectors items. These rootsy tracks include some raw demos straight from the refugee camps (as featured in the documentary film) as well as some ripping plugged-in lo-fi studio versions that you've never heard! From the harmonizing crickets on the opening "Weapon Conflict" to the Freetown via Motown R&B vibe of Mental Slavery to the sax flavored highlife of "Kelemanghi", Positive Revolution - The B-Sides covers all the varied flavors of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. As the band's eldest member the wise Franco would say, "it's with great gladiness" that we are finally able to share these songs with all the friends and fans who make up the growing SLRAS family!

Track Listing: 1. Weapon Conflict (Acoustic Field Recording) 2. Bull To The Weak (Studio Version) 3. Binyeke 4. I'm Not A Fool (Acoustic) 5. Soda Soap (Acoustic Field Recording) 6. Living Like A Refugee (Studio Version) 7. Kelemanghi (Studio Version) 8. Mental Slavery 9. Ankala 10. Palmwine Medley 11. Respect The Dignity Of Women 12. Monkey Work (Acoustic Field Recording)



"These seventeen songs travel through deceptively relaxed Sierra Leonean Palm Wine music, triple-rhythmed gbute vang and reggae-like sounds (complete with toasting), Nigerian Afro-Beat, and even echoes of Congolese soukous. Backed by sweet yet astringent vocal harmonies, sultry guitars, homemade percussion, and playfully retro-sounding organ riffs, each selection reveals still another facet of a bittersweet but ultimately triumphant saga of survival. At long last, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are poised to become the superstars they were always destined to be." - Christina Roden

Track Listing: 1. Living Like A Refugee 2. Soda Soap 3. Weapon Conflict 4. Bull To The Weak 5. Big Lesson 6. Let We Do We Own 7. Smile 8. Compliments For The Peace 9. Pat Malonthone 10. Garbage To The Showglass 11. Akera Ka Abonshor 12. Kele Mani 13. I'm Not A Fool 14. Ya N'Digba 15. Refugee Rolling 16. Monkey Work 17. Ma Fo Ya