Shop and iTunes store through Rosebud and help music charities

The Rosebud Agency web site has portals to and iTunes store. Rosebud receives a commission on all the purchases made by visitors entering via the Rosebud site (there's no extra charge for the purchase). Rosebud contributes 100% of revenues from these associations to music charities - currently the revenues are being passed along to Music In Schools Today or MuST. MuST helps counter the reduction in school music programs by creating events and programs that continue to bring music education into schools - in particular with regard to helping at risk students.

Please tell your friends that, if they plan to shop on, to enter via Rosebud and help encourage music education.

Please use below address to shop at

Educating and enriching the lives of our children is the mission of Music in Schools Today (MuST). MuST is a 501(c)3 non-profit community-based organization offering support and resources to children, youth and educators. Founded in 1983, MuST programs touch over 10,000 young people each year with award-winning music and art programs. To that purpose, MuST is committed to raising national awareness of the critical need for music and arts education.