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Greetings! Got a question? Before emailing us, please check to see if your question can be answered from the list of commonly asked questions below. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. For urgent inquiries, please call (415) 386-3456.

  • What does Rosebud do?

    We are primarily a booking agency, and in some cases provide artist management services.

  • I'm interested in booking a Rosebud artist. Who should I contact?

    For specific information regarding artist bookings, please contact the appropriate agent representing your area which can be found here.

  • Do you accept demos for possible representation?

    Yes, but please note that we are not currently intending to increase the size of our roster. We do always listen to materials for future consideration and packaging possibilities. Prior to sending materials you may want to check our artist roster to see if your music is in the general realm of artists we represent. You can expect a response within 2-4 weeks upon our receipt of your materials. If you would like to send us materials, please forward them to the address below and note that materials will not be returned unless you specifically request to have them returned and include a postage paid return package:

    The Rosebud Agency
    attn: artist submission
    P.O. Box 170429
    San Francisco CA 94117

  • Do you have any advice on where else I could send my promotional package?

    Pollstar, a music industry trade publication, issues an annual series of directories which list various agencies along with the roster of artists they represent. We would suggest calling them at (559) 271-7900 to request one of these directories (for a fee). You can then identify agencies that appear to best suit your needs. Good luck on your search!

  • Do you sell any artist tour merchandise?

    No. For the most part, tour merchandise is only available at the live shows, or in some cases, via the artist's individual websites. You can shop through Rosebud, however, and help fund Music In Schools Today (MuST)!! You pay no extra but Rosebud receives a commission from purchases made by customers entering Amazon through Rosebud. 100% of the commissions received by Rosebud from are donated to Music In Schools (MuST). Please tell your friends and family to visit when shopping on

  • When will a given artist be playing in my hometown?

    You can check Rosebud artists tour dates online. Also every individual artist page has a tour dates section. As dates are confirmed, they are added to this page. If you’re interested, you can also sign yourself up to receive email updates on newly added tour dates by clicking on the Tour Dates via Email yellow icon at the top of the tour dates page for the Rosebud artist you're interested in and then entering your information.

  • Where do I buy concert tickets?

    Rosebud is not involved in the actual sale or handling of tickets. Please contact the venue directly for the show you are interested in for ticket purchasing information or availability. Enjoy the show!

  • Where can I buy import albums or albums out of print for Rosebud artists?

    Except for the portal to from our web site, Rosebud is not involved in the sale of CDs. We suggest checking with your local retail record shop, as they can often place special orders for specific requests. Another possibility, if you have no luck finding anything, is to contact the record label (perhaps they have a web-page for ordering), and request a special back-catalog/import purchase. Or you can search E-Bay or other online sites.