October 20, 2009 from BLIND PIG RECORDS

The Essential Coco Montoya presents tracks from the fiery guitarist's initial solo recordings released by Blind Pig Records in the mid-90's. Montoya, who honed his signature chops as a protégé of modern blues forefathers Albert Collins and John Mayall, personally selected the tracks for this compilation. They document his post-Bluesbreakers entry into the limelight and the beginning of a still running ascendency in the Blues-Rock realm. These recordings from Gotta Mind ToTravel, Ya Think I'd Know Better, and Just Let Go, now a decade old, evoke a highly creative place and time in this world-class guitarist's career as he came into his own.

Montoya's playing combines explosive, mind-bending licks, a searing tone, and solos that carry more emotion than just about any other guitarist you can name, while his unaffected vocals are impassioned and soulful. These attributes are amply represented on The Essential Coco Montoya. Give a listen to the punctuating, insistent licks on "Monkey See, Monkey Do" or "Seven Desires" to get a feel for Coco's first rate guitar intensity. Check out the emotion drenched guitar solos on "Am I Losing You" or "Sending Me Angels," and the soul-stirring, fervent vocal stylings of "Fear No Evil" or "Just Let Go." The Essential Coco Montoya essentially confirms Coco's status as a world class guitar master and blues artist of the highest order.